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How It Works

NationalTipster was made so that citizens can have complete anonymity when calling in to report a crime. When the operator answers the phone, they will not ask you to give your name or tell them anything that will identify you in any way. NationalTipster acts as an anonymous channel, through which the information received from the caller is then forwarded to the appropriate agency and jurisdiction. NationalTipster is not an investigative agency, it is just a way for people to pass the information they know to law enforcement, without ever having to give up their identity. NationalTipster does not have the authority to force a law enforcement agency to act on any specific tip. Once that agency receives the information, it is at that agency’s discretion to act upon the information, investigate and make an arrest. At no time is NationalTipster privy to the information of the investigation or a part of the decision to make an arrest.

People often confuse confidential and anonymous. In the dictionary confidential is defined as, to put in another's keeping, to tell in confidence, entrusting with a secret. What that basically means, is that the operator knows the identity of the caller, but promises not to tell anyone else who the caller is. The problem with that is, as soon as the identity of that caller is wanted for court, the operator can be subpoenaed to testify and will then have to give up the caller's information. Anonymous, on the other hand, is defined in the dictionary as, having an unknown or withheld name. The benefit of having true anonymity, is that the informant maintains security and no one ever knows who that caller is. That way, even if the operator is subpoenaed and under oath, they have no way of telling who the caller is, because they never knew.

The most important word in anonymous crime reporting, is anonymous. The reason it is so important, is because it lets the caller know that under any circumstances, no one will know who made the report. This gives the informant freedom to disclose the information without being afraid of reprisal or having to testify. Anonymity is the only way, and it's our way.

In the event that a crime, or arson tip, leads to an arrest or conviction, the anonymous caller is eligible to be awarded up to $1,000.00 for providing the information when it is determined that the information the caller provided lead to an arrest. All award amounts are not pre-determined and are at the organization’s discretion.




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Multilingual Support

Now even more opportunities to call in! NationalTipster supports multiple languages including English, Chinese, Hindu, Hungarian,Korean, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.